For five years our church was involved in study called the "Journey of the People of God" which we have called "On Our Way".  Through this process our church members worked together to study our past and present to determine what we believe God has called us to be in the future.   Through this process we have developed a vision for our church which is printed below.  From this vision we have also developed goals which are on the next page.  This vision and the goals were finalized in January of 2017.


Being God's Church, we are a Christ-driven people striving to do what is pleasing in His sight and to His glory.

Living God's Vision, we will be a church that, through faith, empowers us to use our spiritual gifts in ways that help transform us.

Living God's Vision, we will bond together through compassion and love with Gods' will and become a community of action through faith.


Being God's Church, we are an energetic force in our community, directed by God's scriptures and Christ's teachings as our model.

Living God's Vision, we will spread the word of Jesus Christ throughout the community and have the courage to joyfully serve those in need.

Living God's Vision, we will use our God-given gifts to make us an instrument to draw everyone to our all-loving God.


Being God's Church, we are a faith community extending love, compassion, and forgiveness to all.

Living God's Vision, we will, through faith provide a sanctuary which offers peace, hope, and love.

Living God's Vision, we will not rest until we have accomplished the mission of Christ.


In all aspects of Living God's vision, I will not cease my efforts to serve as my Lord's good and faithful servant. 


Being God's Church, WE ARE, Loving God's Vision WE WILL

Being God's Church, I AM.  Living God's Vision, I WILL.