Like any church, we at First Presbyterian strive to practice good stewardship and lead the business of the church based on a foundation of Christ’s teachings and love.  From formulating budgets and tracking expenses to working with the staff, the Operations Team believes in teamwork and networking to ensure good communication in steering our faith community.  It is also responsible for the physical church – the building both inside and outside as well as the surrounding property. 

The operations team is responsible for many, many tasks, including, but not limited to establishing a church budget, evaluating paid staff members, paying staff salaries and church bills, conducting an annual review of the financial books, overseeing ministry team budgets, maintaining and balancing church checkbooks and other accounts.  

Our church office is staffed by one paid administrative assistant and a volunteer church member who is our treasurer.  We also have numerous church members who volunteer to help with office tasks such as assembling bulletins and the POST (our monthly newsletter), as well as filling in when our adminstrative assistant is on vacation or ill.  It is a very busy office and always in need of extra hands.

The Facility Needs Team is responsible for overseeing the upkeep, maintenance, and repair needs of the physical building of our church.

The Operations Team is also responsible for overseeing three other areas relative to distribution of monies as explained below:  


The mission of the Enduring Gifts Team is to ensure that monies received by the First Presbyterian Church in the form of a trust or  memorial are utilized efficiently and effectively in accordance with the wishes of the donors. Two task groups, the Trust Task Group and the Memorial Task Group, implement these goals.

Trust Task Group

The mission of the Trust Task Group is to determine how much and to whom trust resources are to be allocated and to dispense funds with the approval of the Enduring Gifts Team.


Funds acquired through the Gordon-Jackson Trust, for example, are distributed in the form of youth scholarships and grants to youth oriented organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, and church youth groups. The Gordon-Jackson Trust was established by Judge Russell Gordon, his wife, Hazel, and her sister, Helen Jackson, for the sole purpose of supporting the youth of the First Presbyterian Church and youth—oriented organizations sponsored by the church.


The Trust Task Group has entrusted the management of the funds of this trust to a private investment institution which is responsible to and follows directions from the Trust Task Group. The Trust Task Group will also be responsible for any significant future trusts that may be donated for the benefit of First Presbyterian Church.


Memorial Task Group

The mission of the Memorial Task Group is to handle and distribute monies that are given to the church in memory or in honor of loved ones. This is done by holding meetings of a task group with the pastor present. Suggestions from the families are honored and the needs of the church are also assessed.


Gift monies have been used for such things as the carillon from our bell tower, the elegant tapestry and the eternal flame lamp in the chapel, the brass advent wreath, and the brass candelabras. These and other items have been purchased in memory of various members, and are listed in a Remembrance Book in the parlor. All of these are done with the approval of the Session.