Following the development of our VISION, four goals were developed to help guide the implementation of the VISION.


1.    Discipleship:          a.      Spiritual Gifts              b.      Spiritual Growth

Goal:  Realizing each member has spiritual gifts, all members grow spiritually and are transformed into disciples by active participation in at least one ministry of the church.


2.    Witnessing:            a.      Sanctuary                   b.      No one leaves a stranger

Goal:  Showing God’s love and compassion and drawing all to Him, we will passionately and genuinely welcome everyone.  We will shepherd and mentor members, guests, and shut-ins in such a way which witnesses that we are truly a caring church family.


3.    Inviting:                a.      Families                  b.      Lake Community

Goal:  Challenging ourselves we will reach out to all including families and “lake people”. * We will invite all Christians, seekers, and the unchurched through our ministries.


4.    Serving/Supporting:       a.      Outside our church          b.      Needs of others

Goal:  Meeting people where they are and putting their needs ahead of ours, we are striving to be a church that has a ministry to serve and support everyone.

(*Lake people refers to non-permanent residents who live on or near Lake Freeman or Lake Shafer)